Total Satisfaction Move-in Guarantee

What’s a guarantee? It’s a promise offered by many industries and products that says certain assurances will be fulfilled if the buyer is not satisfied with their purchase. It sounds great on the surface. But there’s usually a catch. And it’s not always favorable to the customer.

That’s not the case at Portico Villas! We’re so sure that we have exactly what you’re looking for in a new apartment that we encourage you to rent a unit sight unseen!


Because if you’re unhappy with your new home, we’ll allow you to cancel your lease within the first 30 days!

It’s true! We offer all new residents a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee for their apartment. If you move into any Portico Villas apartment sight unseen and decide that it doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, we’ll allow you to cancel your lease! After that, you’ll only have to pay us for the number of days that you lived at the apartment.

If that wasn’t refreshing enough, we’ll also offer you some great advice if you ever find yourself renting an apartment sight unseen!

There are lots of reasons for renting a new apartment without ever setting foot in it. Maybe you took a new job that requires you to move to a different city or state ASAP. If you’re in the military then you’re familiar with frequent transfers to new bases that lead you on an immediate search for new nearby housing. Or, you may have to move to a new location to care for an ill loved one for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason for your relocation, you may need to move fast without having the chance to thoroughly search for a new apartment. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few important questions you need to ask the property manager or owner before renting an apartment sight unseen. Here are three of them!

Can a Friend Tour the Apartment for Me?

If you can’t search for an apartment in-person, relying on a friend or family member to act as your substitute is a great solution! If renting a place sight unseen is a bit too risky for your sensibilities, you can always ask the property manager if someone else can take a tour of the apartment for you. Most property managers will welcome this arrangement. Before your friend or relative takes the tour, be sure that they know exactly what you’re looking for in an apartment. Email a detailed list of questions for them to ask the property manager during the tour. You should also ask them to take lots of pictures that they can send to you after the tour. Having these images will give you a better idea of what your new potential home has to offer and how much space you’re working with. If the relative or friend is a local to the area, ask them about the apartment’s neighborhood. Is it close to major roads and public transportation? Are there any nearby shops, restaurants and attractions? And last, but not least, have your friend or relative verify the various fees, utilities, and in-unit and community amenities.

Can I Take a Video Tour?

If you visit a property’s website, you’ll often find an apartment image gallery or virtual tour option. While these tools are extremely helpful for sight unseen situations, they still don’t provide the same answers and insight as an in-person tour. If you don’t have any friends or relatives in the community where you’re relocating, ask the property manager if they can give you a tour via a video call. Using a smartphone or tablet, the property manager can conduct a real-time tour via any of the popular video call platforms or apps such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Google Meet. This type of tour allows you to get a closer look at your new potential home. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to ask the property manager questions, discuss rent and fees, and learn more about the property and the community. If possible, ask the property manager if one of the neighbors would be willing to provide you with some greater insight from a tenant’s perspective.

What’s the Apartment’s History?

While knowing everything about the apartment’s floor plan, amenities, fees, and neighborhood are all vital to determining if renting sight unseen is the right choice for you, there’s another important area to cover. Be sure to ask the property manager if the apartment has ever experienced any significant damage. Before you move to a new place sight unseen, you want to be sure that the property is not susceptible to flooding or mold growth. Ask the manager if the apartment has ever been water, fire or smoke damaged. You’ll want to have peace of mind before you move into your potential new home. There you have it! Now you know some of the important info you’ll need before you rent an apartment sight unseen. If you find yourself having to relocate to Fullerton or the Orange County area, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Portico Villas offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for its apartments! To learn more about this unique offer, please contact our leasing office today.

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